About us

Look at usual things with unusual eyes.

a digital design agency

Coot Design Studio is a freelance team of creative individuals hand-picked across the globe. We have been serving our partners from every part of the world remotely. We combine top-level strategies you’d find at any established design consultancy with the implementation of various design methodologies.¬†

We are a group of freelancers working to provide a top-level digital brand strategy for our clients around the globe. We continue to develop brands from our studios in Milan, Italy.

We specifically work with sustainable brands, entrepreneurs, influencers, wellness brands, holistic practitioners, who are motivated to make the change and we love supporting them to build their brand story across all the platforms 

We believe it’s not the product that creates an impact, it’s the brand that creates a strong connection. We value those brands that consciousness and create value in their product and services.

We believe in healing whilst browsing online and getting inspired by conscious brands and individuals.


Stories are sellers, build a story for your brand, and give value in what you sell.


Email us at info@cootdesignstudio.com | Call us at 00392512504999


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