Web Design & Development

Making digital design - Our team help in finding new ways to make your customer sit and take notice of your product and service.

Our digital service

we design, build, test and offer technical support for all of your digital needs.

E-commerce site Sell ​​online with a safe, fast and simple e-commerce!

We create elegant, well-kept and perfect e-commerce sites, within everyone’s reach. Complete your business with a fully featured online store.

Websites for large companies Websites for SMEs and Large Companies!

A professional corporate website, with unique web graphics and developed on an ad hoc platform or through WordPress, SEO optimized and positioned on search engines.

Website restyling, like new!

Sometimes it becomes of fundamental importance not to be excluded from the market, to always be in step with the times … Renew and give a new graphic look to your site!

Responsive Simple website!

Millions of units sold make it one of the most incredible successes and more than 80% of owners of a Tablet or Smartphone, use it to navigate, so reach them!

What else ?


Stories are sellers, build a story for your brand, and give value in what you sell.


Email us at info@cootdesignstudio.com | Call us at 00392512504999


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